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Monday, January 23, 2012

Treatment: Day 1

The guaifenesin I ordered arrived today and I didn't waste anytime taking my first dose. I ordered from http://www.fibropharmacy.com/ Wednesday night and it was in my mailbox Monday morning, not bad. Obviously it's too soon to see a difference so I'll talk a little about the medicine.

Guaifenesin is an over the counter medicine found in much larger doses in cold medicines because it's purpose is to break up the mucus and clear you out. Dr. Amand has also discovered it will help your cells clear out all of those old phosphate deposits and dump it back in your bloodstream to be flushed out through your kidneys, provided you've completely eliminated salicylates so your kidneys will do this job. The guai, as it's called for short, is said to be safe to take with other medications and has no known side effects after being used for hundreds of years. So I won't have to stop my current medications and there's really no risk of trying it out.

My reasoning is, if I do this and it doesn't work then I will know the diagnosis is wrong and I do not in fact have fibromyalgia or I'm missing some salicylates somewhere in my environment and I'm still "blocking". Since the guai hits the rewind button on this disease, I'm actually hoping to feel worse soon. As depressing as it would be to feel even more pain, I'm thrilled with the possibility of beating this disease and feeling normal again! Here goes nothing...

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