The purpose of this blog is to keep track of my illness and progress. If someone else can benefit in any way from my rambling, even better.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Perspective

I would say I've defnitely turned the corner and have more good days than bad lately, but I still find myself getting frustrated. Why can't this go faster? When will I be completely better? Will I ever be able to run again?

Then I took my guai pill this morning and realized it was the last one in my bottle-my first bottle. Thus far I have only taken one bottle of 100 pills (300 mg. each) of an over the counter medicine and it has done more for me in a month and a half than everything in the past year combined. Once I took that perspective it was easier to see and be grateful for the progress I've made and be hopeful for the progress to come. So here's to my first bottle down, and hopefully hundreds of more bottles in my future...

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