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Monday, February 27, 2012

Second Mapping

Today is exactly five weeks since I started the guai and it was also the first mapping I've had since the initial one on the day I started five weeks ago. Here is what I learned today, drumroll please...

1. Many of the lumps/phosphate deposits I started with are entirely gone, and the rest have significantly decreased in size-50% or more.

2. Not a single area remained unaffected/unchanged, which is saying a lot when you have these areas all over your entire body.

3. The symptoms list which I thought would be relatively similar, was actually quite different. No new ones, but maybe a third fewer than I started with. This one took me by surprise and I actually would not have believed if my chiropractor had not shown me the two lists and compared them.

4. Areas of my body that my chiropractor could hardly touch initially without me crying out in pain and pushing away, she can now press on pretty hard and I hardly feel a thing.

5. Both doctors (I have 2 chiropractors that have been doing the mappings together) were impressed with the results and that says a lot to me.

It was a very motivating day and today is also another "good" day for me. Here is what my first few "cycles" have looked like:

*Start Guai*
2 days: no reaction
15 days: cycle 1 (INTENSE pain)
1 day: relief :-)
8 days: cycle 2 (lots of pain)
1 day: relief :-)
5 days: cycle 3 (some pain)
1 day: relief :-)

You probably notice that the cycles are getting shorter and lower in intensity. I'm looking forward to coming up on the turning point where the good days outnumber the bad ones.

Overall, my pain level has dropped drastically from where it was before I started the guai. I still feel a lot of fatigue but instead of being as painful as it was, it is more exhaustion and a need to rest. There have even been a few days I was able to keep working during my kids' naptime, nothing physical but at least staying awake and getting things done.

A cause for celebration for sure...

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