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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treatment: Day 18

It's official, today is my first "good" day!!! I say it in quotes because I still had to see my doctor for an upper respiratory infection and the symptoms from that almost made me miss the fact that I had virtually no fibro-related pains today. I kept waiting for the crushing migraine or screaming leg muscles to attack (especially after bringing my daughter along with me to the doctor's office and running errands after) but they never came. I don't feel great and I couldn't go for a run right now (or even a brisk walk), but I did make it through the day with minimal rest and almost no pain and that is HUGE progress!

Also, I told my primary care physician about Dr. St. Amand's treatment plan that I'm doing and here was her response:

1. Most doctors don't know squat about fibromyalgia. It's new and nothing has been proven yet so we don't know whose theories are right.

2. She admitted she had never heard of this treatment plan before (but was of course familiar with guai) but the reasoning sounded right (how the salicylates affect the kidneys).

3. She wanted to learn more about it and supported my decision to pursue this treatment and to soon start eliminating my prescriptions one by one.

So all in all it was a wonderful day! Once these antibiotics kick in I will truly be on cloud 9 :-)

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