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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Do I Know?

At this point, here is what I know:

1. I do have fibromyalgia or the guai wouldn't be making me feel worse.

2. I'm definitely in a cycle and this is the worst cycle I will ever have.

3. I'm not going to quit. Even when each day feels worse than the last, even though traditional doctors don't like this treatment option because it isn't their answer and and even when the road to recovery is long which I'm sure it will be.

And what I don't know:

1. How long I've had fibromyalgia, since often you have no sypmtoms in the beginning. Also, some symptoms Dr. Amand talks about triggered memories of problems I dealt with as a teenager (growing pains).

2. How long this first cycle will last...could be a week, could be two months...already feels like forever.

3. Whether or not this will "work". Will I really start to feel better? Will it just take my pain away or will it give me my energy back? How much of a "cure" will this really be after six months or a year?

I don't like waiting for answers, but really holding out hope since so far the first half of the treatment is working...

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