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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where's My Epidural?

Since this is the most pain I've experienced outside of childbirth, I keep thinking "where's my epidural?"
Prior to starting the guai I actually considered first figuring out my dosage and then taking an extra pill at night to hurry this reversal thing along. Ha. Ha. Ha. Not for a million dollars! Now I want to cry when it's time to take the next regular pill (every 12 hours) and I'm only taking the lowest dosage. The hardest part of this treatment for me has not been switching my beloved beauty products, as many people report, but willfully taking the pill and enduring the pain that I know I could stop by simply using some of my favorite lotion (now banned). What I keep reminding myself is that if I stopped taking the pill or started "blocking" myself intentionally, it would not take away all of the pain but only reduce it to where it was a few weeks ago, which was still quite painful. I've also found that 4-8 hours after taking each pill is the most painful, so the middle of my day and the middle of my night.

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